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  • Psychological Testing

    Psychological testing can potentially symbolize a crucial missing piece of a complex and captivating conundrum. Client’s present with a plethora of strengths, challenges and interpersonal perspectives. Psychological testing gathers invaluable information helping clients achieve their living goals. Comprehensive evaluations offers a larger scope of information in a relatively short time regarding numerous attributes about each client including, but not limited to: personality functioning, behavior traits and cognitive ability.

    Behavioral health is not a pre-determined therapeutic approach. Treatment must be designed to each client to result in a better outcome. The more insight regarding ones functioning is known at the onset of treatment, the more we as clinicians can target behaviors that may be more challenging to shift in psychotherapy. Insight gathered through testing can assist with diagnostic clarification, identifying challenging behaviors and thought processes, and uncovering personality traits that alter how people interact with their environment.

    At Aurora Psychological Services our evaluations will provide you with

    ·       Diagnostic Clarification

    ·       Current Level of Functioning

    ·       Identify Problematic Behavior

    ·       Identify Areas for Increased Support

    ·       Strengths to Incorporate Into Treatment

    ·       Goals For Treatment Planning