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  • Individual Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy is a collaborative effort therapeutic approach based on a trusting relationship between an individual and a psychologist. This treatment model, which is grounded in dialogue, it provides a nurturing environment for one to talk openly in an objective and neutral setting. You and your psychologist will work to identify unhealthy thought and behavioral trends that are interfering with you feeling and living your best life. 

    Psychotherapy can be beneficial with the reduction or elimination of troubling symptoms so one can function better and increase overall emotional health and healing. Therapy assists dealing with the difficulties of daily life, the negative impacts of trauma, illnesses, loss and the impacts of mental illness.

    Research demonstrates that most people who participate in psychotherapy report symptom relief and improved overall functioning in their lives. Of those who engage in psychotherapy, approximately 75% report benefit from their experience. Therapy has been shown to improve emotional and behavioral changes correlated to improved cognitive and physiological functioning. These benefits also include fewer sick days, reduced medical difficulties, and increased work life balance.